Sidmouth FolkWeek Festival

Busking girls at Sidmouth Folk Festival (photo: Sidmouth FolkWeek)

Each year, at the end of July, the town of Sidmouth is taken over by the lively Sidmouth FolkWeek Festival.  This occupies virtually every public venue in and around the town.  The streets and sea front are also very much part of the Festival stage, with impromptu performances from buskers, dance groups and street theatre performers to entertaine and amuse.  The central venue is the 1000-seat Ham Marquee, featuring some of the best bands and artists around.  About a mile outside the town, the Bulverton Marquee offers stand-up gigs, late-night ceilidhs and afternoon workshops.  And right in the centre of town, Blackmore Gardens is home to the children's festival.

All together, some 600 events make up Sidmouth Folk Week.  Find out about the current season from the Sidmouth FolkWeek website.

Sidmouth is about a seven mile drive west of “Baldash Cottage” along the main A3052 Jurassic coast road.  During the festival, look out for local signposts to the main venues.

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